Missions as a Family

Daniel and I love everything about mission trips. We love praying about where to go, learning how to cross cultures to build trust, and connecting with Christians from around the world. Before kids it wasn’t a problem for us to take time off to go on a short term trip. Now we have 3 young […]

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[Our Story] From a Prayer of Desperation to a Prayer of Thanksgiving

The financial life of an entrepreneurial family is a white-knuckled roller coaster ride. Our family of 5 has relied on my husband Daniel’s income from self-employment for 4.5 years now. As good Dave Ramsey students we dutifully fill out the irregular budget form each month. Basically, the form helps you list what things should be […]

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Why We Decided to Homeschool Our Kids

Amanda and I have been in the process of making a decision about our kids’ schooling for several months. Annabelle turns 5 years old tomorrow and in the Fall will be starting kindergarten. The choice we have to make is do we enroll her in public school or begin to homeschool her. After prayer, research […]

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