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hulk costume

A Break In and a Breakdown: Why We Need an Emergency Fund

A Break In My son smashes around a dark television room in a Best Buy in his Hulk costume. He is watching The Hulk crash around New York City at the end of The Avengers. The Hulk’s younger brother, dressed as Captain America, chases him around the room. My husband and I laugh at the fun inspired by […]

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Budget Decisions: How to Combine Your Heart and Mind

I admire Spock. He can make quick logical and rational decisions without any emotions. When I come to our family budget meeting I try to get my Spock Face on. I can’t let emotions rule our money, because I fear how I would give it all away or spend it all on myself. Numbers are […]

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We Sold The House

We Sold The House

Earlier this month we drove with the kids to a fancy stucco office complex to sign papers and finally close the sale of the house. Eight months, two buyers and one kitchen fire after becoming debt free (except the house) we are no longer homeowners. Now we are completely debt free! The selling process isn’t […]

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10 Reflection Questions to Spark Intentional Living

Sitting down with a glass of wine and reflecting on life is exactly what every couple loves to do after the kids are in bed. I’m kidding, of course. Most couples flop down on the couch after an exhausting day of working and guiding illogical toddlers with a brain too fuzzy to think properly. Every […]

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Planning to give generously

Planning to Give Generously

What if someone handed you a hundred bucks every month and told you to give it away? You could give it to anyone or organization that you wanted. You could divide it into smaller denominations or give it away in one lump sum. The only stipulation is that you can’t spend it on your immediate […]

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Brewsters Millions

When You Don’t Like Spending Money

One of my favorite movies as a kid was Brewster’s Millions. It stars Richard Pryor as Brewster  a struggling minor league pitcher who has a rich relative that passes away leaving him a windfall – with a catch. Brewster is Uncle Rupert’s last blood relative and has the choice of either getting $1 million dollars, […]

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Hurry Up Now Wait

Hurry Up, Now Wait

It has been 24 days since we made the decision to sell our house.  Over the past three weeks we’ve worked harder on the house than we have in the eight years we lived here.  We are not home project people so there were quite a few home maintenance projects that had been put off […]

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Moving house

Selling Our House to Travel the World

Last month Daniel and I finished paying off our debt. Our next step is to save up a 6 month emergency fund. We also started talking about selling the house again after reading Mr. Money Mustache’s post “If I woke up broke.” We believe that it will be easier for our family to leave town for […]

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5 Ways People Become House Poor

One of my favorite FPU small group discussion questions often doesn’t lead to much discussion, because that day may be the first time they are learning about the possibility of being “house poor.” It is one of my favorite questions, because being “house poor” has brought me a lot of emotional and physical sick-to-my-stomach stress […]

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Risk of Self Employment

Self Employed vs Company Job, Which has more risk?

When you work for yourself or start a business one of the first things you need to get comfortable with is an irregular income. There are months that you could make twice as much as you would at a comparable job, and other months where you may make nothing at all. These ups and downs […]

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