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Life With a Mission: Update – July 2016

It’s been a year and a half since Daniel and I have updated Life With a Mission. Where have we been? Are we still pursuing Digital Tentmaking? Here is the latest on our current situation and why we haven’t continued writing on this platform. What have we been doing? In 2014 we traveled through four […]

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Trusting The Journey

Lately the question Daniel and I are being asked the most is, “So where are you going next?” The question makes sense. We love to travel as a family. We are transforming the way we do life so we can travel. Our family’s journey led us to visiting four different international cities this year. Our […]

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5 ways to connect at home

5 Ways to Connect at Home When You Keep Leaving

Last week I invited another family to go out for Bar-B-Que with my family. My friend replied that they were busy all of October and suggested next month. I simply said okay and let the matter drop. I didn’t want to explain our travel plans again, but my friend remembered that we wouldn’t be home […]

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Our suburban being pulled out of the sand by a 4x4.

Travels, Reentry blues, Spanish school, and getting back to business

What do you do when you haven’t blogged in a while? Write a catch up post, of course! Earlier in the year we enjoyed living in London, Berlin, and Paris over the course of 8 weeks. We came home to Texas in May and began debriefing the trip and asking ourselves what we would do […]

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3 Ways Kids Learn While Traveling

In my last post I talked about how we packed and worked on our homeschool lessons while traveling. My kids learned more about phonics and adding double digits, but their eyes were opened to a bigger world on our trip. As John Steinbeck says, “People don’t take trips, trips take people.” My little people had […]

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Homeschool While Traveling

Homeschool While Traveling

We decided to homeschool our kids, because we wanted the flexibility to travel at any time instead of being tied to a typical school calendar. We homeschooled for a year and a half before we took our first trip. In that year and a half I learned about curriculums and my teaching style. My kids […]

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An Update from Paris

An Update From Paris!

We have now been traveling as a family plus a nanny for 5 weeks in Europe! We have been sending out personal updates through our Team Espinoza Newsletter over the last few weeks. If you don’t want to miss out on what is happening, then you can sign up for our newsletter here. (Note: This […]

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Slow Travel Espinozas

Our First Trip

When Amanda and I were dating we knew early on that we would one day be married. We loved spending every minute of time together and our personalities just clicked. Both of us were looking forward to marriage and didn’t want to waste time in a relationship that wasn’t headed that direction. In my youthful […]

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We Sold The House

We Sold The House

Earlier this month we drove with the kids to a fancy stucco office complex to sign papers and finally close the sale of the house. Eight months, two buyers and one kitchen fire after becoming debt free (except the house) we are no longer homeowners. Now we are completely debt free! The selling process isn’t […]

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Spring 2014 Update!

I know it doesn’t feel like spring in most of the country, but it’s sunny and 70 degrees in Texas so I’m claiming it! It’s now seven weeks into 2014, but we’ve already had so many changes.  I thought I’d roll everything into one update post. Personal finances We’re still following the baby steps and are […]

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