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Life With a Mission is about inspiring Christians to become debt free, be location independent, and serve the world.

Hi! We are Daniel and Amanda. Together we lead Life With a Mission. We have been married since 2003 and have three young children Annabelle, Roman, and Zander. Daniel is a self employed web developer. Amanda is a former Human Resources Specialist for the U.S. Air Force and now cares for our three young children.
After the birth of our third child we realized that our time is limited. We looked at our lives and questioned what we really wanted to do with our days. Then it struck us – like most people we want to travel.  But we don’t want to travel during some far-off ‘retirement’.  We want to do it Now.  Our goal is to slow travel around the world with our kids.

In order for that to happen we realized that Daniel would need to spend more time working on his business to get us out of debt. To free up our time we quit leadership roles at church, said no to obligations and commitments, and became focused on doing things that would help us achieve our goal.

Christian missions has always been in our heart. We have led and been on many mission trips to East Asia, Mexico, the Philippines, Hungary, and Spain. We knew that our slow traveling with our kids would have a missions element, but now we know it will be a driving force in our travels. We aren’t exactly sure how it will work when our family works alongside local pastors and traditional missionaries, but we are excited to find out.

In essence, we want to be debt-free, self-employed, non-conformist, slow traveling missionaries.  Vagabonds for the Lord.

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