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5 Easy Tips to Declutter Your Home

I mentioned in my post last week about selling our home that I have been sorting, cleaning, and organizing. We have lived in our home for 8 years and it is easy to fill a house when you have tons of storage space. Simplifying our possessions has been a year long process for us. We […]

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Living with Intensity

Live With Mission Intensity

Some say that in marriage opposites attract.  One marriage commenter says “If both spouses are the same then one of you is not needed.” Amanda and I have our differences, but we are both very much the same when it comes to the area of making decisions and acting on them. We like to think […]

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Moving house

Selling Our House to Travel the World

Last month Daniel and I finished paying off our debt. Our next step is to save up a 6 month emergency fund. We also started talking about selling the house again after reading Mr. Money Mustache’s post “If I woke up broke.” We believe that it will be easier for our family to leave town for […]

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pacific rim

Be Brave

I got to see the movie Pacific Rim this weekend. In the film earth is being attacked by Godzilla like creatures from the Pacific Ocean and the humans fight them by creating giant robot like structures. The giant robots need to be controlled by two human pilots. It’s a classic action film, but I was […]

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5 Ways People Become House Poor

One of my favorite FPU small group discussion questions often doesn’t lead to much discussion, because that day may be the first time they are learning about the possibility of being “house poor.” It is one of my favorite questions, because being “house poor” has brought me a lot of emotional and physical sick-to-my-stomach stress […]

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Risk of Self Employment

Self Employed vs Company Job, Which has more risk?

When you work for yourself or start a business one of the first things you need to get comfortable with is an irregular income. There are months that you could make twice as much as you would at a comparable job, and other months where you may make nothing at all. These ups and downs […]

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photo 2

The Invaluable Support of a FPU Class

This week Daniel finished leading his sixth FPU class and my fourth FPU class. The latest group has been our best one yet and I am going to miss this lovely group of people. FPU is Dave Ramsey’s 9-week Financial Peace University course. In the class we watch a video and have small group time […]

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10 Ways to Support Your Online Entrepreneur Husband

While I was at WordCamp Austin I met wives of other online entrepreneurs. I wanted to hug every supportive wife that I met, because having a husband running online businesses isn’t easy. I met one lady at WordCamp who didn’t have a blog and wasn’t on Twitter, but she was there because she supported her […]

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Looking To The Future

We’re Debt Free, Now What?

It’s a new week, and the beginning of the second part of the year. Last week I was on vacation all week so it was a good time to relax, work on personal projects and look to the future. It’s starting to sink in that we are debt free since we’ve had our budget meeting […]

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June Debt Report – We’re Debt Free!!!

Every month we share how we are doing on paying off our debt. June was a big month and we had a lot to say about it. How did we get in debt? In this month’s video we share more about our debt journey and how we got to today. Daniel and I got married […]

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