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Minneapolis Public Library

How To Tease A Traveler

Did you know that there’s a fresh water fish called a “walleye” that is very tasty to eat? Did you know that Minneapolis has a chain of lakes near the city center that are popular with the locals? Did you know that the “TC” on the Twin’s baseball team’s emblem stands for Twin Cities? Did […]

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Weekend Links

Hey guys, have a great weekend everyone!  Here’s a few great links we found this week. “Why I don’t want to ‘crash at your place’ while traveling” :: from Chris Brogan Don’t let Silicon Valley fool you—millennials are the least entrepreneurial generation :: Quartz Project Explorer :: Free multimedia content and lesson plans This is […]

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Also, when you start paying off debt and gaining traction, then you keep gaining hope in return. Hope is powerful.

Updates From the Front

This has been a very busy week for us and there are several events coming up that we are very excited about so I thought I’d roll them into an updates post. Still Hustling Amanda tweeted some thoughts that I felt do a good job of conveying how we have been feeling. If there is […]

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Can Anyone Start An Online Business?

Can Anyone Be An Entrepreneur On the Internet?

Our passion is to encourage people to become location independent. Having control of your time is vital to being able to travel and serve where you feel called. Typical corporate jobs require you to be in their office for 40+ hours per week which doesn’t allow any flexibility for the type of lifestyle we envision […]

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Seed of Possibility

The Seed of Possibility

If you stay on your current career path where will you finish? Is that where you want to be? If you are fine with how your life will finish out, then high-five to you! You can stop reading this blog post right now. If you aren’t happy with where your career will take you, then […]

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San Antonio River Walk

Weekend Links

It’s the first weekend of FIESTA here in San Antonio!  We hope you had a great week this week despite the active news cycle.  Here are some great links we found. The Top 5 Rubbish Bits of a Location Independent Lifestyle ::  Hannah and Josh from Love. Play. Work. Time Management for the Location Independent […]

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Buenos Aires

How To Decide Where To Travel

On Wednesday Amanda talked about the differences between Mission Trips and Vacations.  We’ve agreed that when we are done hustling and are debt free with our fully-funded emergency fund we are going to take a nice long vacation as a family to celebrate the end of this journey.  That vacation will probably be an international […]

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Mission Trip or Vacation?

We often get asked where will we travel when our family hits the road. Our answer has been, “We don’t know.” We are still very much in the Debt Cleanup stage so we try to keep from making any plans until it is time to buy plane tickets. Once our debt is paid off and […]

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Book Review: Crush It!: Why Now Is The Time to Cash In on Your Passion by Gary Vaynerchuk

The book, Crush It!: Why Now Is The Time To Cash In On Your Passion, encourages readers to turn their passion into an online business. Gary Vaynerchuk knows what it takes to become an online success. He grew his dad’s liquor store into a million dollar business, built a passionate communuty of fans with his online […]

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Weekend Links

Weekend links

Here’s a list of great content we found this week.  Have a great weekend! A Great Question – Flying Forward Facing :: Sprouts En Route Do hard things :: EntreFamily Travels Seven Subtle Signs You Are Heading for Entrepreneur Burn Out :: Success Connections Mira Jacob has moved to Barcelona and is writing about it: […]

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