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When We Almost Lost Our House

When We Almost Lost Our House

What would you do if you thought you were about to lose your house? What would you take with you? What would you leave behind? Where would you go? How would you react to the weight of that decision on your shoulders? I’m not talking about facing an imminent natural disaster like a hurricane, tornado […]

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Master And Commander Of Your Money

Are You Master And Commander Of Your Money?

“Do you have authority over your money?” If someone asked you that question how would you answer? Maybe it would make sense to you, or maybe you would ask for some clarification. You might be offended, or you might respond with a story of how you took control of a previously out of control personal […]

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Equip Your Life With a Mission With God’s Word

Have you ever read the entire Bible? Perhaps you have and now you have a better grasp of how the whole story of God’s love for us works together. Maybe you find the Bible intimidating and prefer someone else to explain scripture for you. There is not any tool better to equip you for leading […]

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Digital Nomads

5 Myths About Being A Digital Nomad

In this video Mike Elgan talks about the costs associated with being a digital nomad.  Mike and his wife “live everywhere.”  He filmed this video while walking around the streets of Valencia, Spain during the annual Las Fallas celebration.  Amanda and I were in Valencia for Las Fallas in 2006 and I love the casual one-take format […]

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Taking Your Skills To The Mission Field

Taking Your Skills To The Mission Field

We used to lead short term mission trips for our church. I got involved with missions out of a love of travel, a desire to see what God is doing across the globe, and my ability to get a group of people safely there and back again. But, when it came to service projects on […]

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The Publish button is a bully

Just Press Publish

I went to WordCamp Atlanta this past weekend in Atlanta, Georgia. WordCamps are community organized events that are a place to meet and learn about WordPress. This event had two days of talks on four different topics – Developer, Designer, Beginner, and User + Content Strategy. Going into the event I thought that I would […]

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Friday’s Odds and Ends

Favorite Quote of the Week While reading J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Two Towers” I came across this quote from Legolas. Legolas said, “Few can foresee whither their road will lead them, till they come to its end” while standing on the top of a large rock overlooking the layout of the forest. He was lamenting that they […]

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Creating a Mastermind of Success

Daniel and I listened to Michael Hyatt’s podcast This is Your Life this past weekend together on our way back from Austin. The episode we listened to is titled, “How to Overcome the Resistance.” If you want to achieve something monumental, then you need to listen to this podcast. Daniel listened to it twice. Life […]

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Us With Chris

Meeting Chris Guillebeau – Here’s To Your Freedom

Yesterday Amanda, Zander and I drove to Book People in Austin to attend a book signing with Chris Guillebeau.  He is on a book tour promoting his latest book “The $100 Start Up: Reinvent The Way You Make a Living, Do What You Love, And Create A New Future.”  It was a very Austin book […]

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February 2013 Debt Report

February starts with the letter “F” which is short for “Funk”.  This month we dealt with sick kids, busy schedules and a general malaise that kept us from getting real traction.  All that plus a short month left us on March 1st looking back wondering what had just happened. We are still dealing with the […]

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