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3 Kinds of Location Independent Businesses

When I talk to people about our focus for Life With A Mission and mention a location independent lifestyle I usually have to follow up with an explanation of what the term means. What in The World Is Location Independence? Location independence is being able to travel wherever you want to go whenever you want […]

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In Step With Jesus

Staying In Step with Jesus

How does your body respond when you feel overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done? I was feeling overwhelmed yesterday and I wanted to cry and vomit at the same time. I have so much that I wanted to do. I didn’t know where to begin, so I didn’t begin anything. It’s like analysis […]

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Morning Hustle and Homeschool Update

A month ago I posed the question, “Will it be easier to hustle in the morning?” Many of the blog posts and books I read say 5:00 a.m. is a magical time of flowing coffee fountains in a mysterious quiet land with a rising sun bringing glory to your productive morning. So Daniel and I […]

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Go Where You Are Called

Go Where You Are Called

A few weeks ago my pastor shared the vision for the church for the upcoming year.  One of the points of his message was “Find Your Place of Connection.” He was encouraging people to find a place to serve and to approach church as owners rather than members.  “Owners,” he said “have ‘responsibilities’.  Members have […]

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The Micropreneur Academy - Startups For the Rest of Us...

A Great Resource For Digital Tentmakers – Micropreneur Academy

Most developers like myself have a new business idea every minute.  Unfortunately the distance between that idea and a viable digital tentmaking business is vast.  Most developers know how to build things, but don’t know how to effectively market and sell their products. The Micropreneur Academy is a paid educational site run by Rob Walling […]

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8 Ways to Connect With Your Spouse

Life with a Mission encourages Christians to become debt free and do time independent work in order to serve the world. To a tackle finances, livelihood, and service as a married couple requires a lot of communication, respect, and love for each other. When you can connect with your spouse your communication is enhanced. If I […]

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Three Ways To Choose A Business Idea

When it comes to homemade treats most people have one person in their family or circle of friends who is thought of as ‘The Ringer.’ This is the person you would never want to go head-to-head against in a baking competition, but they are also the person you hope signs up to bring dessert to […]

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How To Effectively Use the Envelope System

On Wednesday I talked about all the reasons why I love using the envelope system to help me stay on budget. Once the system is in place, then it is simple to manage. Swiping a debit card is easier than keeping up with cash, but I always end up spending more than I intended when […]

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7 Reasons Why I Love the Envelope System

Who doesn’t love spending or giving away a wad full of cash?  I have the freedom to spend cash guilt-free when I use our envelope system to manage our spending habits. With an envelope system the amount of money budgeted for a category is put into an envelope labeled with the name of that category. […]

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Getting out of debt can feel like climbing a mountain

January 2013 Debt Report

We started off this year by choosing Hustle as our theme for the year so we’ve been doing just that.  Last summer I used to log about 60 hours of work per month, and in January I logged closer to 200 hours.  Amanda has been very helpful and supportive of me working so many extra hours. […]

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