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Charitable Giving

Should You Temporarily Stop Charitable Giving?

When a slowdown in business brought a decrease in spending money Amanda and I were faced with a decision about charitable giving.  At the time we financially supported missionaries, a para church organization, and a Compassion student in a foreign country.  Each month this represented a few hundred dollars of our shrinking budget. Since I […]

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What do you want to be when you grow up?

Who Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

I was on a chat recently where the people in the room where discussing the process of transitioning from High School to College. I don’t remember what prompted it, but I asked someone “What do you want to be when you grow up?” He responded with a few possiblities, but mostly that he hadn’t really […]

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Inspiration For The Journey

What Inspires You On Your Journey?

If you watch post-game interviews with sports champions, or read biographies of people that have accomplished great things you will find that they each cite things that inspired them and kept them going. Putting in the time to do the hard work it takes to reach the finish line in any endeavor is taxing and […]

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My Other Car is A Paid Off Student Loan

Daniel and I have been a one car family for 8 months now. His beloved black convertible Mustang died at the end of last Spring.  Her name was Kelly.  We decided not to replace his vehicle because we didn’t have the money to buy another vehicle at the time. Instead we sold the Mustang to […]

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Will It Be Easier to Hustle In the Morning?

I started the year with grand plans to start waking up early to read my Bible, pray, and write blog posts. Daniel agreed to wake up early with me so he can work on his personal projects before diving into his day job. We both want to hustle in the morning to achieve our goals. […]

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Time To Hustle

The Downside of Hustle

Last week we talked about how our word for the year is Hustle. A short while later I found out an unfortunate downside of choosing that word.  I was met with an odd response after asking Amanda if we could take the kids to a restaurant for lunch.    

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Prepare to Say No to Store Credit Cards

I had an interesting encounter with a sales clerk while checking out at Kohl’s this past weekend. I rarely shop there, but I had a one hour window of time with my daughter to find her some jeans that fit. I know Kohl’s carries a particular brand that fits my daughter and the store is […]

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It’s Not Too Late to Start Your Goals in 2013

We are two weeks into the new year and I have barely made a dent in my 2013 goals. The first week of the new year still felt like the holidays. I kept saying to myself, “I’ll start on Monday the 7th. That is really when the new year begins anyway.” Then last week went […]

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Being Married to a Hustler

Daniel and I recently read Jon Acuff’s book, “Quitter” over the holiday break. We got so jazzed about the book that we chose the word “Hustle” as our word for 2013. Daniel achieving his dream job that will enable us to pay off debt and then slow travel as a family is fantastic. However, what […]

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Our Word for 2013: Hustle

At the start of each new year we have chosen a single word that describes our outlook and hopes for the upcoming year. Just as a simple movie theme can announce the entrance of a character or set the mood of a scene this word carries with it a broader meaning in our minds and a […]

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