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Quality Of Life Budget Items That Keep You Going

In our current budget everything above our living expenses is going toward debt. We painstakingly review each line item and ask ourselves if we can get rid of it and what life would be like without that item. We’ve even considered going a month without gas for the car to save money (this was Daniel’s […]

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Video: How To Find And Do Work You Love

We love TED talks around here, and here’s another motivational presentation for a Friday.  “How To Find And Do Work You Love: Scott Dinsmore” One of the main takeaways I have from this talk was a comment he made around 07:45.  He had just finished talking about the first person to run a four minute […]

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10 Ways to Prepare Your Kids For Traveling

I love these monkeys, but they are a lot of work when we travel. Their ages are currently 5, 3, and 1. Traveling can be difficult because developmentally there are some things that they simply can not do without mom and dad’s help. This can be mentally and physically taxing for parents, but still absolutely […]

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Getting out of debt can feel like climbing a mountain

November 2012 Debt Report

November was a month of “two steps forward, one step back”.   We now have a good sized shovel and feel our snowball gaining more snow.  But, the addition of a bill from an ER visit moved the debt total to the highest it’s been since we started paying attention back in 2006 which is […]

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Family Budget Steps

12 Steps To Having Great Budget Meetings

When we first read “The Total Money Makeover” and started down the path of becoming debt free the book suggested that as part of the plan we should have a monthly budget meeting before the month begins so that we could spend our money “on paper” and “on purpose”. That way when the month had […]

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Let's Do the Christmas Waltz

Let’s Do the Christmas Waltz instead of the Christmas Hustle

On Sunday during worship at church the worship leader encouraged everyone to take a break from the busyness of Christmas and sing Matt Redman’s “A Greater Song.” There is a part of the song where we sing these lines: To sing a greater song, A greater song to You on the earth. To sing a […]

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