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Live Within The Margin

Live Within The Margin: A Plan For Giving

The Christmas season is in full swing. With that comes the planning for giving Christmas gifts. This year since we are focusing on getting out of debt, we’ve chosen to set our Christmas budget to about half of what it was last year. We know that if we are diligent with getting out of debt […]

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11 Reasons Why People Get Into Debt

Over the holidays I caught up with an old friend and I shared the story of how Daniel and I are getting out of debt in order to travel the world. I also explained that we led a Financial Peace University this Fall. She then told me, “My church offered a debt free class, but […]

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Thanksgiving is the Key to Contentment

I love that Thanksgiving Day brings family and friends together to share an incredible meal together. We gather together, because we are grateful for what we have. We aren’t focused on what we don’t have. Hebrews 13: 5-6 is one my absolute favorite verses in the Bible. I typed up the verse to and posted […]

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Don’t Let The Debt Grinch Bite You in January

I know we haven’t eaten the turkey and trimmings yet, but I have already gotten one request for a Christmas wish list from a family member. The Christmas shopping frenzy is about to happen. Are you armed with a budget and a resolute determination to spend within your means? If your answer is yes, then […]

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12 Tips for Successful Garage Sale Shopping

Some ladies may get excited when Nordstrom’s is having a clearance sale, but my heart starts beating fast when I see signs posted for neighborhood wide garage sales. I mark it on my calendar, grab some cash and coffee, and hit the road. Garage sales are the cheapest places to buy anything. People who haul […]

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I’m Fine Thanks Documentary Released

Last week one of our favorite personal finance bloggers, Adam Baker from Man vs. Debt, released a documentary film project that he had produced.  We watched the film’s progress as the idea was announced, a Kickstarter campaign was launched and funded, and as they screened the finished product at the 2012 World Domination Summit.  Several of the […]

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The Clothing Budget Matters

When Daniel and I put together our monthly budget the “Clothing” category is usually the first to be cut. However, Dave Ramsey says that clothing is one the four walls along with Food, Shelter (and Utilities), and Transportation. It make sense, because you need clothing to get a job. Clothing is a basic need. Although, […]

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What Was True Before The Election

What was true before the 2012 Presidential election is still true after it:   Your future and well-being is your responsibility. Get to work!                    

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Getting out of debt can feel like climbing a mountain

October 2012 Debt Report

This month was a bit of treading water as we got caught up on a few bills that we had gotten behind on. Also, in writing this update I realized I had gotten some numbers wrong on the September debt report. Correcting from last month, our current debt as of November 1, 2012:  $66,393.00. Which is […]

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Leaving by River Boat

Nine Pieces Of Advice From Nine Years of Marriage

Yesterday we celebrated our ninth wedding anniversary in true Daniel and Amanda style with some British pub fare, Indian food and a movie set in India. While we celebrated we each wrote down a piece of marriage advice for every year of our marriage so far.  The advice is based on real life events. Year […]

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