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Changing My Focus

I love it when I am reading along in my Bible plan and I come across something that I needed to hear that day. Today that was Hebrews 12 and our debt snowball situation. Here is how Hebrews 12 starts:  Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw […]

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Homeschool kids

October Homeschool Update

We are 8 weeks into our homeschool year. I am new to homeschooling and some days I feel like I am making it up as I go along, but overall I am pleased with our progress. There have been some fantastic things about homeschooling and a few challenges. The Best Things About Homeschool (So Far) […]

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30 Gift Ideas Under $10

Daniel and I are in gazelle intense get out of debt mode and we are putting every extra dollar towards debt. We have trimmed the budget and have learned to go without a few things for a short time. However, one area that usually blows out our budget is gift giving. It is an odd […]

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Obedience Starts Your Day

[youtube width=”620″ height=”350″][/youtube] When we were making the decision to homeshool Seth Godin’s “Stop Stealing Our Dreams” manifesto came out and it made us think about the question of “What is school for?”. Here’s a great video of Seth presenting the same material at a TedxYouth talk.

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Air Mail

5 Ways to Support Missionaries That Don’t Involve Money

Daniel and I can’t wait to go and support Christian missionaries and pastors in person when we slow travel the world as a family. Before we can do that we are choosing to stay home and become debt free. Staying home and not being able to give financially limits how we can serve those serving […]

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Reason #12: Not Thinking Twice About Medical Care

We are starting a new series on the blog called “100 Reasons To Be Debt Free” where we will share real-world examples of why it is important to be totally debt free and live within your means. Reason #12: When your child is hurt you don’t need to think twice about getting them medical treatment. […]

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Spinning Wheels

Busy But Not Profitable

Raise your hand if this has ever happened to you: You look at the clock. It’s 3:30 p.m. You turn to the person nearest you and relay this fact. Then you rhetorically ask “Wow, where has the day gone?” It’s a seemingly harmless statement that can have a real negative impact to a business owner […]

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No entry

Feel Free to Say No

Last week we wrote about how sometimes it is okay when life is boring. Well, it took a lot of work for us to get to that point when we decided to STOP BEING BUSY. There are seasons for everything and sometimes you need to go through a quiet season of life without a lot […]

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Car wrapped in brown paper cut out

Jason and Natalie’s Story of God’s Provision

God recently provided for my friend Natalie in a big way. I love hearing stories of how God meets the needs of His people, because it plants a seed of faith in my heart. I asked Natalie to share her story here. Tears At the Pump I love how God always provides. Even when it […]

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Sometimes It’s Ok To Be Boring

We recently had the realization that we don’t have a lot going on. We went through a season of ‘No’ and reduced involvement and commitments to an irreducible core. We did this so we could focus on our near term goals of caring for our family and getting out of debt. When she was asked […]

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