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Our Story of God’s Goodness and Provision

Daniel and I certainly don’t deserve all that God has given us. We are selfish, sinful people like the rest of the world, but God loves us anyway. In his mercy God gives us the gift of salvation and eternity with him and we truly don’t need anything more than that. Out of his unconditional […]

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Roller Coaster

Stepping Off the Emotional Roller Coaster

The income from Daniel’s business used to be really sporadic. This photo is what we felt like most of the time. [Source] We saw this photo last Spring and would laugh about it often, because it was so true about our own lives. When money came in we would be very happy and go on […]

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Why We Love Leading Financial Peace University

Today was the first day of a new class of Financial Peace University. This will be the fourth time I’ve facilitated and the third time for Amanda. We jokingly kid each other that God will make us continue to lead this class until we get out of debt. Whether that is true or not, in […]

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Faith to Move a $60K Mountain

At some point in our lives we reach a mountain or a trial that feels insurmountable. We know that God has given us the skills and grace necessary to get through, but that doesn’t make it easy to live through the trial. Although there is joy, there is still friction. Faith oils that friction and […]

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Marriage and Money

Why Married Couples Need Joint Finances

Before Amanda and I were married we went through pre-marriage counseling.  During this counseling one of the things we did was discuss how we spend money.  For two weeks we kept a diary of everything we spent and then came together to discuss what we wrote down.  We also discussed what type of money personality […]

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Be Prepared for Murphy

As soon as you start budgeting and saving money, something that requires you to spend money to fix always seems to happen. It could be that a car breaks, you lose a job, an unexpected medical expense, or the washer breaks. Murphy’s Law The term Murphy’s Law comes from the adage, “Anything that can go […]

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Becoming a Homeschool Mom

It has been about two weeks since we began homeschooling. I am loving our slow paced days and spending time with my kids more than I thought I would. Leading up to this Fall I was really nervous about being with my kids all day, every day. For the last 4 years I have always […]

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Being A Traveler

On Being A Traveler

Part of our goal to slow travel as a family stems from from the fact that Amanda and I are travelers. We love taking trips whatever the destination or duration.  Back when we had normal desk jobs we would kill time by planning trips that we never really intended to take. Just for fun we would […]

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You Don’t Need A Loan To Be A Student

We hear a lot in the news these days about the “rising cost of higher education” and the political discussion is rife with plans and schemes to supply students with student loans that are ‘more affordable’ and ‘available’. As someone who has had student loan debt for almost 20 years, this discussion really bothers me. […]

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Debt Snowball Stories: An Interview with Erica

My friend Erica is intensely paying off debt and following Baby Step 2 of The Total Money Makeover. After saving a baby emergency fund of $1000, Step 2 is to pay off all our debt except for the house. Erica and her husband live in College Station, TX. Baby Step 2 can be a difficult […]

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