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Book Review: Wrecked by Jeff Goins

Book: Wrecked: When a Broken World Slams into Your Comfortable Life Wrecked is the perfect re-entry book after a mission trip, but I believe that every Christian of any age should read this book at some point in their Christian walk. Many Christians see the needs of hurting people and struggle with emotionally processing and […]

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Follow What You Are Meant To Do Today

I am a planner. I love creating goals and then outlining the steps to achieve a goal. Laying out the detailed logistics of a trip or a wedding day makes me happy. So it drives me nuts when God asks me to do something and I don’t have the whole picture. Is It a Calling […]

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What Is Time Independence?

What is Time Independence?

What if you never had to clock in or account for your time ever again? Time is your most valuable resource because you only get so much of it and you can’t make more.  The ability to control what you spend your limited time on is also valuable. Our jobs are a huge part of […]

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Is Your Head in the Sand When it Comes to Finances?

Do you know how much money you need to pay the bills each month? I didn’t for a long time. For the last 5 years I have been in Baby La La Land birthing three kiddos, nursing them, and filling my pockets with choking hazards. Our finances were far from my mind. Daniel and I […]

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What is Digital Tentmaking?

What is Digital Tentmaking?

Our church has had the opportunity to send groups of workers to help cleanup in the aftermath of natural disasters: a tornado in Joplin, Missouri,  a hurricane in the Houston, Texas area, an earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Each of these trips was measured in days, but still had great impact reaching people and helping […]

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Welcome wood sign

Welcome to Life With a Mission!

Have you ever wanted to get out of debt, but wondered how to do it? Have you wondered what life would be like without a 40 hour week job and doing something you love instead? Have you wondered how you could travel the world to be a servant and tell people about Jesus? Then you […]

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Getting out of debt can feel like climbing a mountain

August Debt Report

Why report our debt? The biggest hurdle to our goal is our debt.  We believe debt is bondage and ideally we’d like to be out of debt except the house with a 6 month emergency fund of expenses before doing any travel. We’ve decided for the sake of transparency and accountability to chronicle our Baby Step […]

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Debt Free

Why Should I Become Debt Free?

When I meet someone that asks “Why should I become debt free?”  they are usually normal Americans – meaning that they have a fair amount of consumer debt that they are not behind on and don’t see as a problem. They can make the monthly payments, and have enough left over to go to eat […]

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Missions as a Family

Daniel and I love everything about mission trips. We love praying about where to go, learning how to cross cultures to build trust, and connecting with Christians from around the world. Before kids it wasn’t a problem for us to take time off to go on a short term trip. Now we have 3 young […]

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[Our Story] From a Prayer of Desperation to a Prayer of Thanksgiving

The financial life of an entrepreneurial family is a white-knuckled roller coaster ride. Our family of 5 has relied on my husband Daniel’s income from self-employment for 4.5 years now. As good Dave Ramsey students we dutifully fill out the irregular budget form each month. Basically, the form helps you list what things should be […]

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