Spring 2014 Update!

I know it doesn’t feel like spring in most of the country, but it’s sunny and 70 degrees in Texas so I’m claiming it! It’s now seven weeks into 2014, but we’ve already had so many changes.  I thought I’d roll everything into one update post.

Personal finances

We’re still following the baby steps and are in a holding pattern on Baby Step 3.  After finishing Baby Step 2 we went into “sell the house” mode so a lot of our cash flow went to that. After a rocky road we got the house on the market in mid-January and we got an offer in four days! Our closing date is 10 days away and we are super excited!

When we sell the house we will be completely debt free and have our fully funded emergency fund.  Our plan is to continue renting for a while until we figure out our travel schedule and then if we want another house we’ll save toward buying one with cash. I’ll be posting more about “life after debt free.”

New work

We’ve had changes on the career front as well.  At the end of January I stopped working for WooThemes and returned to being gainfully unemployed. It was a fun and enjoyable 15 months working with Woo. Part of slow travel as a family and being a digital tentmaker is earning money while being location independent. I could have done my Woo job from the road (another ninja has been nomadic for 3 years), but I also want to build some extra revenue sources. I’ll have more time to do that by freelancing. I’m currently working freelance projects as well as building three (yes three) new ventures. More on these when they launch!

New church

In January we started attending CrossBridge Community Church. This was a big move for us. We visited a few churches and prayed to find ‘people like us.’ We had some friends who attend and one of the associate pastors was my mentor in college and a groomsman in our wedding. In our first few weeks at CrossBridge we met a family who splits their time between the US, Rwanda (running a daycare), and Mexico (they sell goods online), a family who spent 9 years living in Budapest, a family of 6 who lived in Rome working with Campus Crusade, and a leader who is part of an outreach to China. We were floored by the answer to prayer and are exited to get connected and involved. They also have a really cool missions website!

New (first) trip!

The house business will be wrapped up soon and that means it’s time to take our first trip! We’ve started planning a 7-8 week trip to Europe. We have thought that this first trip would be part vacation, part connecting with people. We’re still finalizing our itinerary, but it currently includes London, Athens, Paris and possibly Budapest.  We’re super excited to hang out with a missionary family in Athens and to do some slow travel in the other cities.

Also, we will be traveling with someone else this first trip. Our baby sitter Ally will be traveling with us as a nanny! She will be helping us care for the kids while I work and helping with homeschool. It will be her first time out of the country and we are all excited that she can join us.

Site changes coming soon!

As we enter this new phase of our digital tentmaking journey we have some changes planned for this site. We’re working on a redesign and have a few other ideas taking shape. Finally being able to travel will allow us to do some of the things we’ve envisioned for the site.

We’re super excited for the coming months and can’t wait to share more of what is in store! Thank you for being on this journey with us!

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  1. Dana April 10, 2014 at 6:35 pm #

    After reading some recent books including “Four Blood Moons” base on bible prophecy …I googled something.

    “Sell everything and travel the world with kids…”

    I found this. I can’t wait to read through this. I just want to travel and let my kids see the world and share the gospel. I thought I was the only crazy one :)

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